Sunday, October 5, 2008

Legends Invitationl 2008

Holy Pirate Popping PR's Batman, did our beloved Harriers have a great week this week! Many of them had personal records set again. Are these kids on fire or what!?

After a brutal race last week at CVNP, this race was a pleasant relief. The temps were in the 60's, the sky was blue with little puffy clouds, not much wind, and a nice and level course.

The day started off with the men's varsity running. Dean "the face" Light took 1st place overall, but the rest of the team really kicked some tail. Having Dan back was great because he filled in the slight gap between Dean and whomever is in the 2nd spot. This help tighten the pack up, and all the guys did outstanding work keeping that pack together and allowing the guys to take 1st place overall! Four of the guys got medals, and all of them got an outstanding trophy for the school and a Legends Champions T-Shirt.

Next up were the Ladies Varsity team. Ally again ran with the varsity team. Abbie Clifford took the race with a 1st place, and all the girls formed a tight pack. The team took 2nd place overall, and they too received a fantastic trophy fr the school.

The Men's and Ladies open class then ran and some outstanding performances were seen their. For the men's, Adam took 1st place over all, and many guys and gals hit all new PR's for themselves.

All I can say team is outstanding job this week!! You worked hard and it shows! Keep up that attitude because next up is the CVC Championship run at our home turf, the Perry OFC. Since you know this course, I hope to see us sweep 1st places their.

For next week, I'm going to ask again that you pick the song that you want for the slide show. Please make sure you vote.

Any idiot can run …
It takes a special kind of idiot to run cross country.


Mrs. Nelson said...

GO PIRATES! You guys are amazing!!!

You still amaze me with your perseverance,determination,& courage. We are sooooo very proud of all of your achievements thus far.
You should be proud of yourselves and each of your team mates.


~Mrs. Nelson (Mom)

Anonymous said...

Perfect song....Wonderful pictures....FANTASTIC runners....What an achievement! You make Perry proud! Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey...Can't wait to cheer for you ALL again in Perry this weekend!

Mrs. Beyer

Carrie said...

As for song suggestions, Hypnotize by Audioslave would be a good one to use. We all love your slideshows, thanks for being outstanding fans. We couldn't do it without you!

John said...

Thanks for the song recommendation Carrie. For the CVC championship I will not be able to add it to the poll since people have already voted, but I WILL add it for the next week. I will also need song ideas for the year end DVD.

You all made this possible, so I want you all to have a choice in songs. Keep running strong!!

- Mr Nelson

Anonymous said...

we did AMAZING at this meet and we really did show that PERRY XC, a Legend Team....we were all legends at this meet....good job to both teams....and for a good should do One Last Breath by Creed.