Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chagrin Valley Championships

I believe Mr Mueller said it best at the meet when he said "Those kids gave me goose bumps!" How right he is. You kids take our breaths away when you run like you do and send chills down our spines. Each of you had the time of your lives this weekend, and you defended your prominent place in the Chagrin Valley Conference by usurping 1st place in both the guys and ladies varsity division. Every single one of you should be proud, because without everyone on the team, from the fastest to the slowest, you would be nothing and you all add to the dimensions and class and character of your team.

At the end, there were a few of you who were disappointed in yourselves that you didn't do as well as you wanted. That can be heart wrenching at times, but you did your best on Saturday, and that is what matters. Some of you may have been coming off of injuries, and some of you were suffering with some. What matters is you fought the pain, the fear, and the suffering and gave it your all and did your best.

No matter what, you will look back at these times many years from now, and wish you could relive them all over again. Cherish these times, and relish the glory of what you have achieved.

Next week is fast approaching and we will see you again at the Districts at Lakeland Community College.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”
– Steve Prefontain


Anonymous said...

Mr & Mrs Nelson, you are so cool for doing this every week. Thank you so much. We all love you!

Bricro87 said...

completely agreed. maybe not the best race for everyone individually, but as a team, definately the best all season. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. N!!!

-Brien C

Grandma Maehler said...

No-one can be as proud as a grandparent watching their grandkids endure what my grandkids and the rest of the team does. I am totally impressed with all of you. Your dedication and enthusiam awe me. By the way...nice job John and Kel!

Bricro87 said...

Can we get an update? CUZ WE'RE GOING TO STATE BABY!!! god this is so cool. This team is the greatest thing I've ever been a part of. Congratulations to both varsity teams!

-Brien C