Saturday, September 20, 2008

Strongsville Invitational

Pain, fear, struggle, "God please let me do it this time", excitement! When I look through my lens every weekend, I see the faces of hundreds of kids and that is what I see on their faces. And you know what? They are all heroes! How many of us can do those things that they do? The practice, the schooling, the homework, the race and everything in between!

This week, I saw so many kids give it their all! Look at the faces, look at the expressions. I know it was warm out, and I know it was a new course, but these kids all looked outstanding today. They all gave it their all. Some did outstanding, some came back from being injured, some were injured, and some were sad. The fact of the matter is, NONE OF YOU should be ashamed of how you did because you made all of us proud. You are AWESOME!!!

And as you are reaching that finish line, and you are saying to yourself "I can't do it! I don't have anything more in me!", reach down deep inside. Look for that fire within and give it more than your all. Cross that finish line in a blaze of glory and let the stands gasp and say you are animals!

Next up, CVNP.... let's run for the hills! See you there!

Pain is Temporary, Pride is forever!!


Anonymous said...

mr snd mrs nelson, thank you so much for doing these for us. go ally! oops.. go bj and nick too.

Anonymous said...

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Bricro87 said...

most of us had a pretty strong race at strongsville. so we gotta follow it with a strong week of practice so we can do just as good at CVNP. I LOVE HILLS!!!