Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boardman Invitational

Holy mud butt's Batman!!  Wow, was it WET and MUDDY today, but our Harriers did awesome given the circumstances.  There were a few slips and wipe outs, but they all hung in there even during the torrential rain.

This was the type of race that the kids love to have (well, some of them).  Do you remember wanting to go play out in the rain when you were a little kid?  Well, that's what they got to do today.

The course was tight, packed with teams, and almost impossible to navigate due to the muddy conditions.  As each race progressed, the course got worse.  The last Harrier group to race was the girls varsity group and they by far had the worst conditions.  Extremely heavy rains, and a field of mud to run on.  Not the ideal situation to do a PR.  That doesn't matter though, because all the teams had the same circumstances to deal with.

This was a huge race too.  In the boys varsity, there were 39 teams competing.

All in all, you can be proud of your Perry Pirate Harriers.  They did an OUTSTANDING job!!

Next up, Strongsville on Sept. 20th.  I better see you there!

Don’t worry, you’ll pass out before you die

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Bricro87 said...

Yeeeaah that one was a little muddy. Pretty fun but not in advantage to our times haha. I'm curious of what the Strongsville course will be like and hoping the conditions will be a little more on the normal side. Cool videos!